T e c h N e w s a n d U p d a t e s
Windows 10, Windows 8.1,
Windows 7... what's the story?
"In the beginnerís mind there are many possibilities, in the expertís mind there are few."
- Shunryu Suzuki
In this ever-changing computer world, just when you get comfortable with the Windows operating system you're used to, something new comes along.  We'll try to simplify it for you:
Windows 7:
Since 2009, Windows 7 was our operating system of choice and we continue to install it on some systems, even today.  It's stable and reliable and has a comfortable "feel" that business and home users really like.  In addition, it is the most widely used Windows operating system in the world, which also makes it the most compatible with software, hardware and peripheral devices (e.g. printers, scanners, etc.).  It has served us very well for more than 7 years... and we really like it!  Windows 7 also does a very good job of handling and interacting well with older software and hardware devices.  In fact, in many instances, it runs the older software far better than the older Windows versions (e.g. XP, Vista, etc.).  Older DOS programs If you're still using them) may give some trouble, but, in most cases, we even have workarounds for them, as well (For example: Windows 7 Pro offers an "XP Mode" that runs DOS programs).  Finally, Windows 7 does an excellent job of "networking" and the connecting devices, such as printers and scanners.
NOTE: Microsoft has discontinued all support, updates and security patches for Windows XP.  As such, we don't recommend that system for any user who will be connected to the internet (and for most users, it's time to retire your beloved XP system).  Windows Vista (which we never cared for or installed) will be supported by Microsoft until April, 2017, so, if you like your Vista system, you need not be concerned.
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