Y o u s h o u l d r e a d t h i s . . .
Our History & Our Mission
We began our operation back in 1989 when it was tough to find good “computer people”. They were either too technical (“ask a computer person ‘what time is it?’ and they tell you how to build a clock”) or not technical enough (“I ain’t never heard of that before… I don’t think it’s possible”). Our founder, a successful Management Consultant, needed automation assistance in his projects that focused on increasing productivity and profitability. Out of frustration, he taught himself the computer business as a tool for solving problems. His custom software and customer-built computers soon became so popular that… well, we’re still here 27+ years later, when most of our competitors are long gone.
When we began operations, we had no idea that computers and networks would ever be this inexpensive and have so much impact on everyone. Back in 1989, it was rare to have one computer in a home or small office. Now, many homes have several computers and wireless networks. We needed a “business" model to assure our long-term success. Here’s what we came up with:
1) All of our new systems use the newest versions of current technology. We always pre-install the latest versions of the software with all updates and “service packs”.
2) We hand build every system, never selling the mass-produced systems that are sold by the large electronics stores. We discovered that the “department store” systems are difficult, or impossible, to repair locally (they use parts that are proprietary to the specific manufacturers) and NOT UPGRADABLE, despite the misleading claims by the low-wage staff members who claim otherwise.
3) Every system comes with free “real-life advice” to make sure you are getting a system that meets your needs, not simply an attempt to “get rid of what’s in stock”.
4) We keep prices so low that people know they’re getting good “value” in every product or service we offer. We will NOT always be the lowest price in town. Sometimes, our prices will be significantly lower than our competitors', but, at other times, they will not. We are looking for customers driven by “value”, not price.
“The dictionary is the only place that ‘success’ comes before ‘work.’ Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price.”
- Vince Lombardi